30, 60, 90 dayopportunities are now available to committed individuals ONLY.

Ask yourself these questions. Do you desire to make a change so radical in your life you will do anything to achieve it??? Are you 25, 50, even 100 pounds overweight and want to have a sexy, healthy body? Have you always wanted larger biceps, chest muscles, and that raging 6 pack?

Or how about that lean, fit, and toned physique that just screams ‘Beautiful’? To achieve this requires hard work, commitment and dedication. The length of time to achieve ones goals may vary, though these goals are always possible with the right match.

The human body adapts to programs, either negatively of positively. Our ‘Transformational Specialist’ program will change your life, period. We lead from the front, always fit and professional ourselves, traveling to wherever you are located on earth. Our 14-point-program involves 14 workouts and treatments per week, one morning and one evening. We personally organize your entire fitness schedule, including a personalized body transformation program, daily personal food shopping, personal chef, and of course your full time personal trainer, or as we like to say, ‘Transformation Specialist.’

Manhattan Muscle has extensive global experience in this arena, transforming bodies for movies, for business, and for life. We have personally visited and worked in over 55 countries globally, so rest assured, we are professional, experienced, and guarantee results. Referrals are available upon request.