One of the major ingredients in obtaining that “perfect” body is developing that proper nutritional program to coincide with a specialized weight training and cardio schedule. Many people have not been properly informed about what to eat and when to eat it – and for that matter WHY ????

At Manhattan Muscle, we realize that it’s important for you to reach your fitness goals as soon as possible. That’s why we offer nutritional consultations and explain the reasoning for choosing certain foods over others. Please check our article on Manhattan Muscle Diet for a brief explanation and how it works.

One-Hour Nutritional Consultation

This includes a personal appointment with one of our nutrition specialists at ManhattanMuscle, located at 295 Madison Ave in Midtown Manhattan. We will analyze your body composition and determine how many calories per day you need to consume to reach your goals. . Then we’ll talk about different food types and why you should be eating at certain times of the day. This will allow for you to understand the basic principles of healthy eating and get you on your way to a leaner, stronger YOU!!! In approximately 1 week you will receive a custom food list of what to eat and a schedule with specific times and days.

Three-Hour Nutritional Consultation

ManhattanMuscle will schedule a personal appointment for a 3 hour in-home consultation-During these 3 hours our nutritional advisor will cover many topics, including food composition, calorie breakdown, insulin response and how it affects fat metabolism, food labels, shopping, food preparation, and packaging. We will educate the client first hand in the grocery store, talking about proper foods to eat and others to avoid. Bdsm video is still an important part of nutrition. Then back to their home where we will organize your new kitchen and actually prepare food. After preparation, we will have lunch and then your ManhattanMuscle nutritional advisor will go through the process of packaging your food for weekly success. This program is a must for anyone wanting to understand the proper way to reduce bodyfat and possess that Lean Body 

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